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We create residential properties across Amman. Alcázar has delivered thousands of apartments and has developed a huge portfolio of hundreds of units at various stages of planning and progress, asserting its place as a leading luxury developer in Jordan.

Why choose Alcázar Properties?

Alcázar has been at the forefront of Ammanís Luxury real estate market since 2001, Delivering both luxury and affordable residential properties.

Partnering with eminent and leading brands

Alcázar backed by more than 20 years for industry experience. Our notable projects, excellent quality of service and proven ability to deliver on time have made us one of the widely trusted housing companyís.

We produce high quality modular buildings

With varying options of finishing and sizes our clients can choose what suitable for them. We partner with a leading contractors who are the same vision of providing comprehensive and excellent quality housing and building services.



Site Design

Our Engineers pay close attention to details, rigorous quality assessment, latest architectural findings, and exquisite design of every part of the project to create a high end quality units for our customers.



T he success of any construction project starts with good construction site management and the use and implementation of the construction plans, including the smallest part of the project making sure everything is implemented according to the approved project plan.


On Site Management

Implementation of the construction plans through good construction site management can be a very cost-effective process. Our onsite management team making sure all part of the project is done right the first time preventing any issues with the project.



Individuals responsible for the installation and maintenance of all parts of the project must be skilled, experienced, trained, and have an understanding of the purpose and function of each part of the project. A specialized team should be assigned the responsibility of overseeing installation and maintenance of the different parts of the project . Each part should be inspected for performance after installation has been completed.


After Sale Service

Our services does not stop when the units are sold, our after sale team is always available to assist and help with any issues or questions our valued customer may have. Our customer satisfactions is our top priority before and after we complete any sale.

Our Projects

ALCÁZAR has been at the forefront of Amman's Luxury real estate market since 2001, Delivering both luxury and affordable residential properties.

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At Alcázar we offer a complete solution for our industrial housing service which includes site design, production, installation, on site management, maintenance and after sale service. Please contact us for more information

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